Buddy Elk Believes

Dear Biped,

Spent some time with that dog I mentioned in my last letter and asked him about that baring your teeth thing that had me puzzled. He said you do that when you are amused or happy. Do you have any idea how weird that is? All across the predator community, of which you are dominant, showing your teeth is an aggressive act. You humans do it when you are happy? Maybe that is a symptom of why you are dominant. Aggression amuses you.

I must say, though, that you bipeds are also the kindest creatures on the planet, at least in my experience. I cannot think of another creature who finds kindness and mercy to be traits of strength. The aura that I see flowing off of you is boundlessly kind. I was shocked to discover that you cannot see what is plain as day to me and most other warm-blooded animals. Somehow, your intellect has evolved at the expense of the ability to experience the energy fields that surround all living creatures. I think you should go sit by the sea and try to converse with your cousins who live in the deep. You share so much with them, but your imagination has atrophied to a point where you no longer comprehend it.

But there is hope. The very fact that you are listening to me, even though your intellect filters it and scoffs, is a step in the right direction.

Your pal,


wind smile

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