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Beginning: The Caper Salad Caper

The day dawned dirty, like the unspoken fantasies of a TV evangelist. Liggnum rolled over and blinked at the grey light filtering into his closet of an apartment. His eyes burned and his mouth felt like a family of spiders … Continue reading

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Weather Weather

Today: Increasing periods of light as the horizon drops closer to revealing the sun. Scattered commuters will give way to heavy traffic and then taper off by mid-morning. Morning will also include brief storms of creativity, followed by doldrums in … Continue reading

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Slapstick Death

I stood in the dusty street, reckless and wild, listening to my heart pound. It had finally come to this and I was ready. Passers by saw my intent, felt the ice in my stare, and scurried out of the … Continue reading

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Foam on the Range

Felicity Gabdod left her keys on the drianboard next to the plump wads of armadillo foam and shrieked into the intercom. “Poonfaff, you puss-ridden possum-humper! Get your Crisco-packed protoplasmic envelope down here this instant and get this ‘dillo foam off … Continue reading

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Bingo’s Travelrama

Bingo Nudelfug was in Awe. In fact, he had driven all night to get there. Standing loosely in the middle of a broad avenue, he looked out of place in his high-tech fusion sneakers. It was at that moment Bewanda … Continue reading

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