Haiku–Robin Morning

World of wet drying;
sky blue-grey, sun soon coming.
Robins sing to me.

Early-morning-in-Alsace EarlyMorningMist robin sings


(upper left: hangul.com; upper right: mljohnson.org; robin: learner.org)

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8 Responses to Haiku–Robin Morning

  1. bill says:

    Thanks Stew snow blights the Nh hills
    The wisp of your world is so hopeful

    • narble says:

      Here, it’s rained for six days. I think we have as many words for rain as the Alaskan and Canadian Indians have words for snow. Just before sunup today it was beautiful. Now, it’s raining. Again.

  2. Fager says:

    Please, Sun, come on back. Godam rain drives me crazy. Well, it’s a short drive…

  3. A great description of spring weather I hope to see again soon. 🙂 This heavy, cold rain has got to let up sometime…

  4. So many robins now while walking. I see packs of them every day.

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