Judgment follows observation.
I wish it were not so;
an ancient directive to
protect the body, to evaluate
threat, a hard-wired alarm.
The mind rides along.

Sometimes, the mind convinces
the body to do something crazy,
something to flood the dichotomy,
focus and emotion, a chemical wash,
euphoric exhilaration.
Judgment fails.

I met a man who looked different than me;
I watched mind and body rise to judge.
My heart stepped in, convincing
the mind to convince the body.
Judgment suspended.

It is dangerous ground
but the heart knows.



(wolf from shadow-wolf-princess.deviantart.com; hands from ciwaliteracy.wikispaces.com)

About Jim Stewart

Writer at Butt in Chair
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4 Responses to Judgment

  1. ARoyzle says:

    Wonderful. To think that humans rise anew each generation cleansed of the history and experience that went before is folly. Our brains may be doomed to forget what came before, but our primordial story, held in a deeper place, is alive in us, just below the surface. We ignore this at our peril.

  2. A tough reaction to tame, but worth it.

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