Wide Open

(Note: My kids will be at Wrigley this Wednesday, April 23, 2014, for the 100-year celebration. It’s my daughter’s gift to my son for his 30th birthday.–jrs)

A century ago
a ballpark opened
in Chicago, on the north side.
My children will be there to celebrate.
I was born thirty-six years
later on the south side.
If I live a century
I am hopeful of another celebration
complete with baseball and a
wide open field.





(upper from fanfoodie.blogspot.com; middle from chicago.cubs.mlb.com; lower: Jess and Ben behind Home Plate)

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4 Responses to Wide Open

  1. I always associate seeing “Jerry Springer: The Opera” with Wrigley. How perverse of me. I hope they have a lovely time at the ballgame.

  2. Fager says:

    Uh, How cool of Jess and Ben. How cool. Grinning from ear to ear.

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