Hello Humanity

Decrepitude, ineptitude, in a mood:
Grateful for humor that
greases buzzing blades
spattering soul’s blood
across the walls of my heart.

Sometimes, humility seems a bitter pill.

That bitterness should remind:
it has nothing to do with humble
and everything to do with clutching false pride.

Always, humility is a clear breath.

humble images


(clouds: chasingamiracle.com; 18th green: sandandseaoregon.com)

About Jim Stewart

Writer at Butt in Chair
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2 Responses to Hello Humanity

  1. I fear I walk a fine line between trying to project confidence (when I feel anything but most of the time) and appearing overconfident. It’s a hard balance.

  2. narble says:

    Yet somehow, we do balance, sometimes waving our arms and teetering. I reckon that’s part of the deal.

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