Table Circle

Laughter in the house tonight:
small voices grow large
spilling down the race
of conversation around the table
with its rattling dice cup.
All support every roll.
Applause abounds.
Life will roll on, a collection
of memories: sweet, bitter, sour, salt,
all learned and shared in ways
not yet seen or imagined,
but this laughter is where hearts live.
It is trust borne and nurtured.
In the dark, a memory of light.




(top:; bottom:

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5 Responses to Table Circle

  1. Nice Jim real nice

  2. Thanks for your comment on Turquoise Compass today. I love the image of the hands in your post above. It represents unity!
    Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  3. osomann says:

    Loved the images this creates for me as I read.

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