Reminders in Early July

(The Fourth is a grand holiday. It’s my sister’s birthday. We live in a truly great country where we are mostly safe and enjoy opportunities rare in the big picture. Most often, I am proud to be American. But…  –jrs)

Who wants to remember:
the stench of the dead,
smoking bushes, skeletons
festooned with body pieces,
Dali meets Bosch;
this body’s for you.

Who can forget:
our most uncivil war,
atoms and flash burns blinding a generation;
a minuteman, cocked hat askew,
plays big cop on the corner of World and Peace;
the freedom to revel in politically correct enmity.

We celebrate a history of war:
mimicry of small arms and cannon,
young eyes alight with power,
smoke and flame in the streets,
dangerous delight;
living on old glory.



About Jim Stewart

Writer at Butt in Chair
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2 Responses to Reminders in Early July

  1. I hope your sister had a grand day, Jim.

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