Concentration Face

My concentrating face is a frown.
This has always been so.
When I am deep in contemplation
people who don’t know me assume
that I am incalculably sad;
they worry over my spirit,
not seeing how my deep engagement
has rendered me inwardly content.
Such is irony.
I think they would more appreciate
a vacant little smile.

happy frown2

(See what I mean? I’m perfectly content.)

About Jim Stewart

Writer at Butt in Chair
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6 Responses to Concentration Face

  1. Oooh- I love maps with pins! What are your pins marking?

    (My concentration face is apparently angry, though my fascinated face is sparkly). 😉 I guess I should endeavour to always be fascinated?

    • narble says:

      The pins mark every place I’ve slept in Oregon. Lots of motorcycle trips, lots of sleeps.

      Fascination is its own reward. Writers write, yes, but in my experience we’re all seekers. Let that fascination roll on. Sparkle!

  2. bill says:

    So a furrowed Fury
    Is a happy Narble

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