Little Mind

My little mind seeks its way
among large things in a vastness
it cannot comprehend.
I am glad it keeps going,
past questions without answers,
being stubborn that way,
in blind faith, on some
kind of mission, believing there is
something to discover, maybe
out there between those bright stars.
Maybe they’re not stars at all,
maybe they’re electrons.
Scale has always been confusing.

Like the time I ran up
that cliff at Salt Creek:
the acid I’d taken
helped me forget it
was something I could not do.
A friend went with me.
He, too, had forgotten.
We sat up there on a
small shelf, joking we’d
have to come down to
get down to be down.
Thankfully, we forgot again,
skidded the sheer face,
and wandered the beach, seeking
the other side of morning, somewhere
between electrons and stars.

stars eye


(eye:; sun:

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3 Responses to Little Mind

  1. Fager says:

    Sometimes you get me, sometimes you don’t. Today you got me with vastness; I’ve spent weeks pondering vastness and smallness and still the mind wanders. Thru the vastness. Sheep fed.

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