All Two Human

(With apologies to Bob Merrill, who wrote the doggie in the window song.–jrs)

Who is that drunkard in the mirror,
the one with the waggley face?
Who is that drunkard in the mirror?
I swear I’ve met him someplace.
He wasn’t there this morning,
he wasn’t there last night,
but he’s certainly here this evening,
how did he become such a sight?
It could be the shots of tequila,
it might be the five shots of rum,
did it start with a beer in the morning?
To a demon he must have succumbed.
He’s laughing at me in the bathroom.
He’s howling at me from the page.
I curse him and gather my ego,
my honor will not be assuaged.



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4 Responses to All Two Human

  1. Debra says:

    It was fun to sing along. 🙂 Must have been an interesting weekend!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!! (Especially since I sometimes have these fun weekends myself. Hiccup.)

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