Fallen Angels

Changed a line that’s been bugging me since I wrote this.–jrs

Narble Furt Lives

Rhinestones on the bushes,
gossamer in the trees,
when you hear her call your name
it drives you to your knees.

The sky will build cathedrals
that rise beyond your sight,
the leaves will show their colors
and lift you with their light.

Her blood as hot as coffee
in a bone-white china cup,
her eyes can light your cigarette,
but you don’t mind burning up.

Her secret skin is buttermilk,
her form too good for god,
her love is like the smell of sea
where glaciers go to thaw.

You are both fallen angels,
that’s what you are,
trying to grasp this truth of bone
so near and, yet, so far.

We are all fallen angels,
above us only sky.
We are all fallen angels,
forgotten how to fly.

(You can hear the musical version of Fallen Angels here: http://jamesrichardstewart.com/music/ )


Borrowed this image from http://rapgenius.com/Angel-us-god-over-everything-lyrics#note-2268286

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2 Responses to Fallen Angels

  1. Rendle says:

    Stew the music crafted To these lines is hauntingly Tender✌️

    Sent from my iPhone


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