Dead of Night

Pulled out of Tonopah at half-past last
heading up ninety-five.
Rocks were glowing—sand was blowing,
saw absolutely nothing alive.
Realized then: what did I know,
is there anything real I see?
This highway runnin’ in the dead of night
is gonna be the death of me.

The desert held me in the cup of her hand;
I tried not to make a sound.
The stars were tipping, felt like I was tripping,
there was nobody else around.
Then I saw her by the side of the road;
how could that possibly be?
This highway runnin’ in the dead of night
is gonna be the death of me.

I don’t remember stopping—but there she was,
her shirt read “lost and found.”
That half-lipped smile gave be a buzz
while my heart dragged along the ground.
Her ice cold hand brushed along my cheek,
her eyes were the color of dawn.
I knew I’d die if I tried to speak,
I blinked and she was gone.

I gave it up and was the road
sliding under my wheels.
We just kept rolling—no way of knowing,
must just be one of those deals.
Knew for sure—what did I know?
There is nothing real I see.
This highway runnin’ in the dead of night
is gonna be the death of me.



(highway:; ghost:


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7 Responses to Dead of Night

  1. Bud Hedrick says:

    Yea! Ghostly to the mostly!

  2. kutukamus says:

    And I am enjoying much
    These verses by thee 🙂

  3. Robert says:

    Nice… I wrote my first poem ever a few days ago and blogged it! You raise the bar, and I slither on my belly! 😎
    That’s just how it is…for now!

    • Jim Stewart says:

      The lyrics in this blog have turned into a rocknroll song. Been fun writing it and making the chords and melody work. Thanks for the compliment. I’m enjoying your blog.

  4. This reads very much like a Johnny Cash song. That’s a good thing.

    I have been to Tonopah, and “saw absolutely nothing alive” is very accurate!

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