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Strawberry or Honey?

Strawberry moon looked more like honey, so I’ll go with that today. (top:; bottom:

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Haiku–Moonful Reminder

Big moon: full of light; lets us know the sun still burns; a comforting thought.   (top:; bottom:

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Haiku–“We’re all mad here.”

A Cheshire Cat moon smiling in the western sky; my evening brightens. (top:; bottom:

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Haiku–Moon Face

The face of the moon, peeking from rumpled bedsheets; I tuck myself in.   (top:; bottom:

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Double Haiku–A Nail from the Heart

Swept away by brooms intent on dusting heart beats; memories let go. Guitars are only hammers on sublime old nails; questions seeking light. (from by Vic de Vera)

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Ocean Moon Haiku–Time to Rhyme

Prayer sand holds knees; full moon dances with the trees, pouring molten cheese. (pinned from

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Full Moon Haiku

Big eye in the night; sharp shadows etch soft patterns; hearts know oceans keep. (photo courtesy of

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