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Haiku–Robin Greeting

Robin’s good morning greets the sky’s earliest light; darkness ebbs to grey.   (left:; right:  

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The freeway is the ocean, the stars are just as high, but fewer. I am tired, but can still pretend what is real is somewhere near, not a lifetime away. My imagination saves me again.   (top:; bottom:

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Haiku–Red Squirrel

Little red squirrel, dainty, but talking loud trash to the dog below.   (squirrel:; dog:

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Haiku–Rum and She

Rum is a sweet sip. My companion is sweetness. I am so lucky.  

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Clock’s Break

clock watcher present tedium energy spent unwise seating making tea not exercise doors close walls advance frontal lobes echo echo limbic flash danger calls rain silvers locks break lungs pump clock stops (top:; Yosemite:

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Road and Synapse

The gravel on this road long unused crackles with unfamiliar noise under my well-worn tires. My elbow thrusts into hot air, bared to sun and desert. Synapses not used in years fire in solidarity with the road, transporting me to … Continue reading

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The Prince of Rankle

Rankled. Can’t sugar-coat it, just annoyed at everything, mostly myself. It’s chemistry. I should be upbeat. I should feel free: the monkey is gone. I allow the city to choke my peace. I have an idea and pretend it is … Continue reading

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Poker Pout

The gyre of chance: swirls in swirls; the cards are so cold, colder than the click of a door locking out hope. I push my chips to another stack, no regrets, no goodbyes offered, not even “see ya later.” My … Continue reading

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Haiku–Hair Reality

The skin on the back of my head is warm and smooth. I miss my hair there.

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No Reading Tonight

Sitting on the bed is like winning the lottery; the pillows beckon and the fetus I sometimes am will curl and sigh. The book at my bedside beckons, also, with insight and grace. The poet I am sighs. Carefully, I … Continue reading

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