Remove Spoon to Insert Foot

My silver spoon gets
stuck in my mouth when I try
to articulate.

(spoon:; apartheid:

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Haiku: Fitting Flit

I think the word flit
was invented by someone
watching chickadees.

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Haiku: Waiting for Three

What is it about
two o’clock, the bitching hour?
Dreaded double-strike.

The eyes snap open,
no retreat from wakefulness–
it’s just a poem.


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Ochoco Reach Audiobook, Ahoy!

Shameless plug: my novel Ochoco Reach is now available as an audiobook on both and iTunes. If you download it, I’d very much appreciate a review and some other noise of your own choosing. Click on the link in the right margin to go to audible. Or open the iTunes store, find audiobooks, and then Ochoco Reach.

Thanks in advance.

Jim Stewart


(cover by Vinnie Kinsella)

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Haiku: For Brian

My friend, if I could
exchange places with you now
I most surely would.


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Haiku: Perspective

A tree in my yard,
upheaval in my country.
The tree stays the same.


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Haiku: The Night Warms

Coffee sits swallowed
at the top of my stomach;
my brainstem is warm.


(stock photo)

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The Lift

Birds, pilots, sailors…
all look for lift
Artists do too
It is the physics of magic

(guitar:; hawk:


Inspired by:

T Bone Burnett’s AmericanaFest Keynote Address

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Mister Sniffy

In the grey light before sunrise
you examine the yard and driveway:
sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff
sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff
The new light catches the focus
in your eyes, much as it might catch
the focus in mine as I’m sniffing out a poem.
I learned something:
more snorting!



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Haiku: Relativity?

Consciousness, a gift
of accelerating time,
provides no answers.


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