Haiku: Comfortably Close

Little squirrel chirps
six feet from my smiling face:
half-hearted scolding.

red squirrel2


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Make it stop

It was sometime right around when Donald Trump talked about how certain people were asking for moments of silence for the Dallas shooter (a lie, of course). It was after Orlando and Philando Castil…

Source: Make it stop

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Sometimes Later

I am a smoker
and a drunk
I’m not and
engage with the world
whirling and curling
I accept all animals as equals
that is my only hope
to accept my own species

the arrogance of humanity
has me disturbed
we are too many too many
and suffering is on the rise
there is little respect
for all creatures great and small
we are shitting our own bed
and finding sleep untenable.



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Between Takes in Heaven West

Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels rest
by the Rio Grande, sharing sushi
under a sky of forever blue.

Scout and Silver graze nearby.

To the south, a tumble of clouds
builds over Mexico, rumpled shadows
running across the far mesas.

A roadrunner scoots past.
The river slides.
The sun hangs.

Jay turns to Clay.

“Wasabi, Kemosabe?”

Clayton smiles his thanks and
nods to the ginger sauce.

clay and jay


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Strawberry or Honey?

Strawberry moon looked
more like honey, so I’ll
go with that today.



(top: al.com; bottom: wsj.com)

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Haiku–Ping Pong

Left right left right left
my brain trading back and forth
quick entertainment



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Haiku–Red and Green

Bleeding from twenty
small cuts on my arms and legs;
yard work has a price.

blackberry thorns


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Here: too warm for Spring,
not hot enough for Summer–
a nameless season.



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May December Be

You are younger than my daughter,
but you are not my daughter.
The rich human history of
young women and old men
is a cross-grain of joyful
noise and heartache.
Wisdom is the most valuable
attribute in both directions,
a wisdom born of respect.
There is art in the balance.


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Clandestine wandering—
I like to think
that’s how
my mind works.
My fantasies
are all about
how special I am
and smart
and unique.
I’m always unsure.
Simple physics:
What I see
in the mirror
is backwards.
I have learned
what I want
is invisible.
Of this I
am certain.



(leap: elementsyoga.ie; dichotomy: goodmenproject.com)

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