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My Hand Moves

My hand moves. A thread tugs my frontal lobes. At the other end, my ancient brain blazes a light like a Christmas star across those hills barely seen. Maybe the thread spans a river, vast and microscopic at the same time, … Continue reading

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Concentration Face

My concentrating face is a frown. This has always been so. When I am deep in contemplation people who don’t know me assume that I am incalculably sad; they worry over my spirit, not seeing how my deep engagement has … Continue reading

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Growing On

(Note: this poem is from a writing workshop I took with Kim Stafford: “Daily Writing in the Tradition of William Stafford.” It borrows the form of William Stafford’s poem “Growing Up.”–jrs) I travel in concentric circles, it’s just how I’m … Continue reading

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Galaxy and Stone

I am a galaxy, I am a stone. I am a truth lying in bone. My emotions run wild, I am colder than ice. My big-hearted angel has paid a great price watching me stumble and helping me fly. The … Continue reading

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Shadow Crown

My shadow has a corona and baffles me with its otherworldly glow crowning the absence of light. How can this be? The world has rules. Obviously, I do not know them all. The light wavers around the silhouette of my … Continue reading

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Haiku–Writing Wherever

(Note: you should check out Daniel von der Embse’s blog at writinginairplanes.com. jrs) To write or to nap; my home away from my home: writing in airplanes. Writing this journal wherever I’m traveling: working the home front. (top: pinterest.com; bottom: … Continue reading

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Clock’s Break

clock watcher present tedium energy spent unwise seating making tea not exercise doors close walls advance frontal lobes echo echo limbic flash danger calls rain silvers locks break lungs pump clock stops (top: moddb.com; Yosemite: sardonycs.net)

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Road and Synapse

The gravel on this road long unused crackles with unfamiliar noise under my well-worn tires. My elbow thrusts into hot air, bared to sun and desert. Synapses not used in years fire in solidarity with the road, transporting me to … Continue reading

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A Man’s Best Friend

Sleep is an illusion tonight I cannot afford. I pay endless bills to the dark disquiet I have accepted. Mortality closing in sometimes gets my best, until the dog comes and loves me, wondering why I’m still awake. My gratitude … Continue reading

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Bluebird Words on a Raptor Day

Seldom does it do any good to read a poem as you fall asleep. The page flashes two, three times and suddenly you know there is no going on. Surrender is sweet. Sometimes, the unread poem gets trapped and the … Continue reading

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