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Haiku–Red and Green

Bleeding from twenty small cuts on my arms and legs; yard work has a price. (

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Haiku–Brick and Mortar

Bricks upon more bricks; playing with mud holds them tight. Sore: understatement. (brick:; circle:

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The freeway is the ocean, the stars are just as high, but fewer. I am tired, but can still pretend what is real is somewhere near, not a lifetime away. My imagination saves me again.   (top:; bottom:

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Haiku–Drying Wrack

Standing in the rain is different if you don’t have a dry home place.

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My Urban Life

The east wind blows cold, ruffling the hair where it lays against my ears. It smells of fir, river, and traffic. My urban life is a friend with whom I often argue. I always question my place in it. Answers … Continue reading

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Haiku–Last Leg

Last leg underway; the roar is on the outside; both my ears are full.   (top:; bottom:

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Haiku–Plumby Dummy

Plumbing is my bane: water seeks its own level, just out of my reach.

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Haiku–My Life: A Full Meal Deal

Writing is the meat. Music is vegetables. Reading for dessert.   (kabobs:; pecan pie:

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The grass, bent with breeze, wets my shoes and pantlegs. It tastes of salt and smells of rain as I stand sinking into the sand beneath. My knees are calm, my heart bright; my senses know when I am home. … Continue reading

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