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The Eye

The ocean riles up with the wind, angry and insistent, throwing wave upon wave against walls and stairs, stealing sand to hurl high and heavy atop everything we built and all that we did not. Roofs and thatch scatter, chaff with the … Continue reading

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Thin Ice

The ice lets me know it’s not ready with a peculiar noise: half crack, half echo. My heart freezes and climbs through my throat into my head, where it tries to look out from my nostrils. My gut stays calm; … Continue reading

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Peace and Fire

We kissed: lips groping without knowing, hands benign and trembling, timid and still. You were a gift I did not understand. I had no way to accept the strange dichotomy of peace and fire. When I moved away to California … Continue reading

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Haiku–Freak Mountain

Freak Mountain Ramblers: I love happy feet music; hope is the way home. (

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Day Six

(Note: I’ve always enjoyed smoking. Do I feel deprived? Yes. Do I feel good about stopping? Yes. Euphoria comes and goes. It’s an insidious addiction.–jrs) My skin crawls off of me and disappears into the outlet just above where my … Continue reading

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