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Haiku–My Life: A Full Meal Deal

Writing is the meat. Music is vegetables. Reading for dessert.   (kabobs:; pecan pie:

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To play unplugged: acoustic music, the sounds of wood and steel, heart voicing recognition. To share, often, you must plug. Is the music still unplugged? Plugged in: social media to promote; promote what for what? recognition? fame? approval? money? What? … Continue reading

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Haiku–The Heart of My Matter

Music spins from me; my tears, my laughter are one. Sometimes, I’m singing.     (guitar from; books from; bottom: live at the Relief Pitcher)

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Haiku–Music is Home

(Note: had the privilege to attend a Jerry Douglas concert last night. He is astonishing.–jrs)  Flashing fingers and steel on bronze has me happy to be in the world.

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Haiku–Live Music

Music from the heart embraces Anacortes; salty wings we are. (My great good friend Ernie Theriot and me remembering the Gris-Gris Band.)

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Double Haiku–A Nail from the Heart

Swept away by brooms intent on dusting heart beats; memories let go. Guitars are only hammers on sublime old nails; questions seeking light. (from by Vic de Vera)

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An Hour’s Nap

Goodbye Mr. Rogers, it was nice to be aboard; Goodbye Mr. Jimi and your E7#9 chord. I step off the plane into my chair fumbling my way to awake, wondering how in the world such a journey is possible. My … Continue reading

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Fallen Angels

Rhinestones on the bushes, gossamer in the trees, when you hear her call your name it drives you to your knees. The sky will build cathedrals that rise beyond your sight, the leaves will show their colors and lift you … Continue reading

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Waiting Just to Play

I’ve given all my life to play a rounded wooden box that measures what I’ve gained and burns up what I’ve lost. Quiet house at the edge of dawn: the moon scrubs clean the windows and the cats stay busy … Continue reading

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Home, Townes

I wrote this on a night in 1997 when a good pal called me and told me that Townes Van Zandt had moved onto another dimension.   Goodbye, you old rounder. I’ll miss your gaunt sad voice singing of the … Continue reading

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