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Road and Synapse

The gravel on this road long unused crackles with unfamiliar noise under my well-worn tires. My elbow thrusts into hot air, bared to sun and desert. Synapses not used in years fire in solidarity with the road, transporting me to … Continue reading

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A Dream-Threshing Tractor

I am a hiccup in some quantum field where there may or may not be a dream-threshing tractor. Imagination can travel faster than the speed of light. When you outrun light it is very dark. These things are obvious. My … Continue reading

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Bastards of Pain

So, what do you do when the bastards of pain camp on your front porch? Do you politely ask them to leave? Or do you wade into them with rage and a machete? Usually, with pain—physical, emotional, whatever—the bastards like … Continue reading

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Sodium and Chlorine

(Note: this is not supposed to be a scientific treatise on how synaptic transmission works. The ionic chemistry in a synapse is quite complex. All I’m trying to do, here, is experiment with how I perceive things in a poem.–jrs) … Continue reading

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Lame Coyote Before Dawn

You are surprised to see me. I stand by the black motorcycle as you hobble down the steep asphalt, your right-rear more of a rudder than a leg. You freeze, head low, tail down. We regard each other. “Deer kick … Continue reading

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Haiku–Bright Rum

(Note: sometimes, these just write themselves. 🙂 –jrs) Rum is of Nature: sugar cane and a bright brain. I am all for it. (sugarcane: bubblews.com; 1 Barrel: uncommoncaribbean.com)

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Recognition flies in the face of memory; the blackbird alights. (top: bigthink.com; blackbird: allaboutbirds.org)

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Frame of Reference

Framed by reference: to conform or depart, leaving a trail of bread in my wake. Fearful of the limb end and of not getting lost, I walk on. The familiar holds little comfort, yet the wild universe feels like home. … Continue reading

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Judgment follows observation. I wish it were not so; an ancient directive to protect the body, to evaluate threat, a hard-wired alarm. The mind rides along. Sometimes, the mind convinces the body to do something crazy, something to flood the … Continue reading

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So Far, So Good

Who knows what will happen in sleep? I assume I will awaken when the light is just so. So far, so good. (both images from miriadna.com) 

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