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One Answer

You ask what I believe in, the question hanging in the air like a flock of Vaux swifts poised to dive into a chimney. Any answer I give will be trampled beneath the boots of your dogma. But I answer anyway … Continue reading

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Grey on the Ground

Your eyes are closed as mine are open. Your smooth unblemished lids hold secrets no one can know. When I blink you see me standing behind you in that upstairs bedroom as we watch the sheep below clustered for shearing. … Continue reading

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Haiku–Jumble Toy

The dog watches my jumble of knots creak and fray; he worries I’ll snap. (top: lillstreet.com; dog: cherylpitt.com)

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Lame Coyote Before Dawn

You are surprised to see me. I stand by the black motorcycle as you hobble down the steep asphalt, your right-rear more of a rudder than a leg. You freeze, head low, tail down. We regard each other. “Deer kick … Continue reading

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Haiku–The Origin of Net Fishing

Did the first fish net come from a man watching a spider ply her trade?   (left from camping-together.com; right from helladelicious.com; stockings from commons.wikimedia.org)

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Haiku–Somnolent Catbox

Thanks, Mr. Sandburg: Sleep comes on little cat feet; paw prints in the brain. (Dali from chronicfatiguediagnosis; polar bear from isucceedbook.com; kitty from brenthaydey.com)

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Haiku–Come n’Get It

Cat-sized squirrel runs, tail floating, waving a flag; here Kitty, Kitty.   (In tree: clarionledger.com; flying: highdefforum; cat: marthastewart.com)

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Dream–Red Alpaca, Purple Topknot

I’m lying abed, warm but worried over an undefined something. The phone rings: “Hello?” “I miss you. Do you miss me?” “Who is this?” Nothing. “Hello? Hello?” Nothing. I hang up. My wife rolls to her side and kisses my … Continue reading

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Haiku–Good Dog, Happy Man

(Note: I came up with this for a comment on Shutterbug’s blog at 575live.blogspot.ca. I liked it, so I’m putting it here, too.–jrs) Greeting ritual: Bub, you are such a good boy! Happy hug and wag. (This is my grandpuppy, … Continue reading

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Buddy’s Family Vacation

Dear Biped, I understand you humans like to show off your vacation photos. I won’t get into the details of how we pulled this off, but apparently we’re very charming and photogenic. It seems that humans can’t get enough of … Continue reading

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