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Buddy’s Family Vacation

Dear Biped, I understand you humans like to show off your vacation photos. I won’t get into the details of how we pulled this off, but apparently we’re very charming and photogenic. It seems that humans can’t get enough of … Continue reading

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Haiku–Live Music

Music from the heart embraces Anacortes; salty wings we are. (My great good friend Ernie Theriot and me remembering the Gris-Gris Band.)

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Haiku–Damp it All

Drizzle creeps into all of my nooks and crannies. I wear my hat low. (seascape from windows2universe.org; drizzle window from noeleen.eu)

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Haiku–Bow of the Lower-48 Ship

I live in a sog, not a bog, clog, or blog, but rain from Hawaii. (Hawiian rain painting from bbhgallery.com; squall from livescience.com)

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Buddy Elks Out an Existence

(Note: Travel day today. We’re headed 993 miles north, back to the northwest winter. I’m okay with that.–jrs) Dear Biped, Lots of grass to eat today. We’re in that big meadow behind your house, which is mostly dark and has … Continue reading

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Ocean Moon Haiku–Time to Rhyme

Prayer sand holds knees; full moon dances with the trees, pouring molten cheese. (pinned from seepicz.com)

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Excerpt from The Last Salmon

(Note: this is a quick excerpt from my story The Last Salmon (first published in Rattapallax). It’s also in my collection White Ravens–And More Stories (click the link to the right).–jrs) He almost missed his turn. The flashing yellow light … Continue reading

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Morning Haiku

Feeding frenzied chickadees; suet hard and cold; ambrosia warms small wings. My favorite little guys:

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Arrow and Bow

An arrow of light pierces my dream as stars wheel around the nougat of the milky way. My dream, a river and raft to where souls bask in love that finds me wide with gratitude, splits into halves: one for … Continue reading

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Curtains of rain drawn against warmth and sun keep the study, brooding books framed in orange firelight, at the grey edge of darkness. I sit overstuffed in a grandfather’s chair, feet in their wool kicked up on the hearth steaming … Continue reading

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