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The Eye

The ocean riles up with the wind, angry and insistent, throwing wave upon wave against walls and stairs, stealing sand to hurl high and heavy atop everything we built and all that we did not. Roofs and thatch scatter, chaff with the … Continue reading

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Understanding wet doesn’t make me feel drier; embracing what is. (top: http://www.examiner.com; bottom: nreporter.info)

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Water and Rock

The head winds in these times: a gale blown in from the south drives the sea to a craggy appointment. It makes a shuttered room clean, just enough light to warm pen and paper bound with years and a hum … Continue reading

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Snow Poem

(Note: It’s 93 here, so I’ve been thinking of snow. We Oregonians are heat wimps.–jrs) Snow time: gift wrap around all I can see from my perch by the Christmas morning fire. Small tracks split the front yard, seeking sleigh … Continue reading

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Big Rocks — Little Rocks

“Time to make little rocks out of big rocks.” Work is work. I remember: cold clouds slung low, soaking all of us, men and machines thundering through my earplugs and muffs as a thousand drummers play with wild abandon. I … Continue reading

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The Last Beach House

It sits hollow near the sand washed up the road where the other houses look like waddling waders, maybe clamming, maybe just enjoying the wet. Old Bill built his bungalow back in the teens when high tide was still a … Continue reading

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Haiku–Robin Morning

World of wet drying; sky blue-grey, sun soon coming. Robins sing to me.   (upper left: hangul.com; upper right: mljohnson.org; robin: learner.org)

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Haiku–Damp it All

Drizzle creeps into all of my nooks and crannies. I wear my hat low. (seascape from windows2universe.org; drizzle window from noeleen.eu)

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Double Haiku–Tracks and Ties

Wind chill howls the cut; tracks and ties a frozen stretch; hands hide in warm down. Breathing plumes a fog seen by the falcon flying out of vapor’s reach. (tracks by Leora Wenger (leoraw.com); falcon from falconnippers.com)

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Haiku–Naked Head, Silly Laugh

The wind bares my head; silliness reigns when people chase down a loose hat. (left photo from rapgenius.com; right from dailymail.co.uk)

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