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A Thankful Dad

(Note: for Jess and Ben, just because–jrs) Both of you born in the winter cold and dark, which says a lot for early spring romancing. The two of you different and several years apart, but each of you set my … Continue reading

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The Writings of Ya Hu

(Note: and now for something completely different, in honor of Valentine’s Day.–jrs) The fuzzy rub of hair against the soft skin of his buttocks excited him as he straddled her hips. Her interest grew as he grew, each millimeter of … Continue reading

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A Frog for Cheryl

(Note: This is a reprint of a poem I published years ago in Licking River Review. Not sure why, but I’ve been thinking about my long-gone friend Cheryl, who died when we were ten. The poem also appears on jamesrichardstewart.com.”) … Continue reading

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Double Haiku–A Nail from the Heart

Swept away by brooms intent on dusting heart beats; memories let go. Guitars are only hammers on sublime old nails; questions seeking light. (from eorthe.tumblr.com by Vic de Vera)

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To Grow and Be Safe

Well. You’re both down there now with pieces of my heart, shared like brie on a plate for the enjoyment of this family who loves unconditionally and proffers a home to grow in and be safe. We are emptier than … Continue reading

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Silly Old Cat

Silly old cat. You almost made it to twenty. What is that in cat years? You never gave in to mere affection and were loathe to suffer a belly rub. You drew blood from the uninitiated. Maine Coon and who … Continue reading

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Excerpt from The Last Salmon

(Note: this is a quick excerpt from my story The Last Salmon (first published in Rattapallax). It’s also in my collection White Ravens–And More Stories (click the link to the right).–jrs) He almost missed his turn. The flashing yellow light … Continue reading

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Bob Welsh Christmas Eve Poem

This is too good not to share: I’ll get back to my own drivel tomorrow.

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Excerpt from “Death is Easy”

(Note: This is an excerpt from a Mike Ironwood novel I’ve “finished” and am now rewriting. For the sake of context, Daniel is Mike’s half-brother who is also half Nez Perce. ~jrs) When we got out of bed Bucket came … Continue reading

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Nice Guys Get To Finish

He stares loosely into the golden blue depths of her eyes, watching the dark shapes swim there, keeping to the shadowy deep. He guesses them to be piranha and decides not to go swimming. Maybe tomorrow after another long hopeful … Continue reading

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